Monday, May 21, 2012

Idea for a non-fiction book

Book Idea
The book will be three things:
1.       It will be an anthology of the best movie writing I’ve done during my 18 years living in Mandan. (I’ve written roughly 200 pieces. I’ll select 75-100 of them.)
2.       It will tell the story of how I found happiness and was able to pursue my dream of being a film critic in an unlikely place.
3.       It will be about how, if one so chooses, one can turn any place into one where dreams can flourish.

It will follow this outline:
I.                    Introduction: Or how one can be happy anywhere, if one so chooses
II.                  The Open Forum Writings: Or how I created a publication to house my reviews
III.                The Lost Writings: Or how I kept my dream alive via the Internet
IV.                The River’s Edge Writings: Or how I rediscovered my Open Forum days (without having to pay for it)
V.                  The Bismarck Tribune Writings: Or how I found a bigger audience
a.       The Rave Reviews
b.      The Pans
c.       The Cinema 100 Reviews
VI.                The Prairie Independent Writings: Or how I truly found a home in my new home

The book will include present day commentary along with each piece. This commentary will focus on:
1.       How I feel about what I wrote then, now.
2.       How the piece fit into my personal story. I.e., what was going on in my life at that time?